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You are Johnny Deep, a well known treasure hunter, who one day received a strange letter from an unknown source. The letter contained a map with a coordinate in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and some notes where it stated that the biggest treasure known until now was in an abyssal trench, waiting until someone would find it.

With no hesitation, you bought a bathyscaphe and started the journey: that treasure must be yours! But what you didn’t know was that you weren’t the only one who received the letter. The treasure location was sent to the biggest treasure hunters of the entire globe, so you will have to ensure you’re the first one to find the treasure. In the gameplay, you will be able to encounter one of these treasure hunters, Larcenas, but he won’t be too well equipped for the adventure…

As long as you go deeper in the trench, you will encounter abyssal monsters, who will try to kill you, as you entered their domains. You’ll have to survive waves of creatures in order to go deeper into the trench, but that will mean you will come across deadlier monsters (some of them will be mechanized too!).

Will you be able to survive 90 waves of sea creatures? Will you have the guts to fight the 3 bosses that are looking forwards to making you pay for entering their domains? Will you reach the bottom of the abyssal trench and get the treasure? There’s only one way to know the answer for those questions, so we hope you brought your life jacket with yourself…


Your bathyscaphe is well equipped with a laser gun, that you will need to kill the sea creatures that you will encounter.

The bathyscaphe works with energy, and when you receive damage, you will lose energy. But don’t worry, you can repair your bathyscaphe. The only problem is that, as you didn’t want to split the treasure with your crew, you are the only one in the bathyscaphe, so when you try to repair it, you cannot shoot, so if you want to recover energy, you will have to stop shooting.

You will have a second ability as well, that will consist of an energy pulse that will destroy all the bullets, but you will have to use some energy to deploy the pulse, so think it twice before you use the pulse when you don’t really need it.

When you clean a wave, or when the enemies of the wave despawn, the next wave will start, so you will have to decide if you want to go for the maximum number of points and kill everyone, or if you want to recover some energy to be more prepared for the next wave, so you will stop shooting and start avoiding bullets until the enemies despawn.


You can either play with the keyboard or the joystick. If you chose to control the bathyscaphe with the joystick, you will be able to use the normal shot with the fire button, but for the pulse you will have to use the keyboard due to the limitations of the joystick.

  • Q: Up
  • A: Down
  • O: Left
  • P: Right
  • Space Bar: Shot
  • Shift: Energy Pulse

Stop shooting to recover your energy bar so you don't die!!!


Game developed by Cabbage Corp.


e-mail: cabb4gecorp@gmail.com

  • Code: Alberto Rius Poveda, Alfonso Ruiz Martínez, Eliseo Fuentes Martínez
  • Game Engine Design: Alberto Rius Poveda
  • Music: Eliseo Fuentes Martínez Twitter
  • Graphics: Alfonso Ruiz Martínez Twitter

License: the source code of this game has a Creative Commons MIT license.


According to the CPC Retrodev 2022 rules, we had to include in our game a gesture to Larcenas Legacy. We decided to include Larcenas in our story as one of the treasure hunters, and he appears as one of the obstacles you must avoid in your journey to the depths of the ocean.

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Published 29 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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GenreAction, Shooter
TagsAmstrad CPC, Arcade, Indie, Retro, Sci-fi, Singleplayer

Install instructions

Snapshot (.sna)

If you already own the las version of WinAPE and downloaded the .sna of the game, then you have to follow these steps:

  1. Execute WinAPE
  2. Load the snapshot, either by pressing F5 and selecting the snapshot or by going to File > Load Snapshot, and then selecting the snapshot.

Disc (.dsk)

If you already own the las version of WinAPE and downloaded the .dsk of the game, then you have to follow these steps:

  1. Execute WinAPE
  2. Click on File > Drive A: > Insert Disc Image, and then select the .dsk file
  3. You may need to restart WinAPE

Tape Image (.cdt)

If you already own the las version of WinAPE and downloaded the .cdt of the game, then you have to follow these steps:

  1. Execute WinAPE
  2. Click on File > Tape > Insert Tape Image..., and then select the .cdt file
  3. Click on File > Auto Type, and then a screen will appear
  4. Type |tape in the screen and press Ok
  5. Press Return
  6. Type run" and press Return, then press the Space Bar
  7. Click on File > Tape > Press Play

Amstrad CPC 464

If you want to play directly with the original Amstrad, these are the steps you should follow:

  1. Insert the cassette
  2. Type RUN” (it’s important that you don’t forget the “ character) and then press ENTER
  3. Press the PLAY key of the console
  4. Press any key
  5. Wait until the game is fully loaded


User's Manual.pdf 555 kB
Making of.pdf 444 kB
abyssal.cdt 37 kB
abyssal.dsk 199 kB
abyssal.sna 64 kB
abyssal_sources.zip 339 kB


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Me gustaría saber si teneis intención de mejorar vuestro juego con mas tiempo, creo que tiene mucho potencial, y añadiendo gráficos de fondo scroll, quizás , mejores gráficos, etc, saludos.

Dear Cabbage Corp:

My name is Antonio Ríos Vila and I am one of the organizers of the #CPCRetroDev2022

First of all, I would like to congratulate you on the prices received in the contest! 

I am writing to you because we are beginning the procedures for giving you the obtained prizes. For some of the prizes, the organization needs to ask you for some documents to issue payments from the university. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to find any email contact address in your submission.

Could you please give us an email address in order to be able to contact you?

Thank you very much in advance.



We have updated the submission to includea contact email in the authors section. I'll additionally post it in this comment:


We'll be waiting for you to contact us though it.

Thank you.


A promise accomplished. Always we keep our promise. A video of your game update.

Very smooth sprites movement, well done!

Nice game !